A weekend of wondering when things restart

Just like the last five, only warmer

Saskatchewan announced its five-stage reopening plan, starting May 4, and Manitoba is mulling a similar path. More caution in Alberta might leave Lloydminster in limbo. It may take Michigan’s leap to get Ontario restarted faster. Posters promise an anti-lockdown rally at Queen’s Park, where no one will be fined for sitting on a bench.

A conspiratorial Conservative

First-term Eastern Ontario MP Derek Sloan is facing calls for his removal from the Conservative caucus after his call for the removal of Canada’s chief public health officer. But on the grounds that Sloan is a fringe candidate to become the next party leader, Andrew Scheer said he wouldn’t weigh in, and then said it several more times.

The strange case of the Sobeys franchisee who went to work with respiratory illness symptoms. Ron Kore is also a town councillor in Pelham, Ontario, where he attended a meeting while sniffling and wiping his nose, prior to testing positive for COVID-19. A colleague who sat nearby later died. (Niagara cops are now investigating.)

Please play again (and again)

Tim Hortons’ original plan to incorporate reusable cups into Roll Up the Rim to Win was sidelined due to COVID-19, but the giveaways continued anyway. Among the fewer keeping tabs on the app was a University of Waterloo statistics professor who noticed prizes stockpiling toward the final contest day, and lost twice in 96 tries:

A drama series on CBS had a storyline with eerie similarities to the mass shooting in Nova Scotia. An episode of FBI: Most Wanted, which aired days before the rampage that left at least 22 dead, featured a man named Gabriel on a murderous spree while wearing a police uniform. It’s added to the list of mysteries surrounding the tragedy.

Finally, losers, in other words

Alex Trebek announced a memoir, The Answer Is…, set to be published July 21, one day before his 80th birthday. At the same time, Jeopardy is staggering new episodes before running out of ones already produced. But the current circumstances helped Trebek’s past brutal contestant takedowns to be appreciated like new: