A view from the back of the vaccination line

Means more time for Twitter fights

“Caught off guard by early COVID-19 vaccine approvals, Ottawa tried and failed to secure more shots,” reads the headline from the Globe and Mail accompanying confirmation that the U.S. is shutting the door for now on border-crossing doses. The federal government says it’s taking the second best option, given how every vaccine maker declined their production in Canada.

@tsnotoole is @notontvotoole

A change of Twitter handle signified the end of the duo of Dan O’Toole and Jay Onrait—who once took a four-year detour to Fox Sports—as the Bell Media layoffs came to TSN. The termination style also meant Windsor radio sportscaster Steve Bell got no on-air goodbye after 41 years, on a day when the parent company reported rising profits.

The day after a day without headlines. Heritage minister Steven Guilbeault promised the publishers of blank front pages that his pending legislation features a plan for tech giants to pay for linking news. Most outlets operating outside of the lobby group are still opposed. Besides, to promote their agenda, newspapers posted on Facebook.

Two takes on Justin Trudeau

Celina Caesar-Chavannes released her book focused on a term as a Liberal MP, which reveals her parting words to the PM: “Motherfucker, who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?” Meanwhile, an interview with the Kielburger brothers on the Fifth Estate had them revealing regret at inviting prominent politicians to their stages:

Eric Alper, the ur-poster. On Posting, the newsletter by New York journalist Luke Winkie, considers the curious case of @ThatEricAlper, a Twitter account where the Toronto music publicist often engages over 762,000 followers with repeated questions. But the conclusion is that Alper is a harmless antidote to the likes of media-thirst guys.

Finally, a half-baked week ends

Seth Rogen was distracted from social media sparring with Ted Cruz because he found a new foil: Jonathan Kay. What began with passing curiosity was stoked by Canadaland podcast analysis that led Rogen to ask if the dog-shampoo-ponderer is for real. Well, not too many Twitter addicts have a parent who’s on call to stick up for them: