A troll fights for his right to run a sewer pipe

The campaign to bring Neil to heel

Liberal party enthusiast Neil Waytowich made enough noise as @ThatsMrNeil that Blacklock’s Reporter started making inquiries about his background—which led to the revelation that he was employed as a federal civil servant. Waytowich says he left that job before he started rudely tweeting. And now he has more defenders on both sides of the aisle, in spite of his obsessive political aggressions.

A political stint gone to seed

The unexpected decision by Don Valley North MP Geng Tan to not seek re-election comes with a twist. The Epoch Times broke a story about a former staffer who says she was wrongfully dismissed, and who claims that Tan’s wife wanted her fired because of an extramarital affair that produced a child. The MP says that he was just a sperm donor.

Catherine McKenna won’t plastics-shame the PM. The environment minister concedes that convenience trumped conscientiousness in a tweeted photo of Justin Trudeau in the presence of disposable-looking cutlery.

Kiss off another French cousin

Queen’s Park says future appointments will be reviewed after Ontario’s Public Accountants Council appointee Katherine Pal was revealed to be the niece of Dean French’s wife.

I can assure you, if I thought it smelled or I thought it was dirty I would have sent it to the dry cleaner. John Tory talked to the National Post about his Raptors jacket, which the Toronto Archives wants him to donate.

Finally, a short turn of phrase

“Avenue” is currently being pronounced something like “aVEEnu” (or “aveeeenue,” or “Avenna-You,” or “ah-vee-na-yoo”) on computerized Toronto bus announcements. The TTC acknowledges it recently made this change, but there’s no way to please everyone:

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