A supermarket sweep for owners of Sobeys

Longo’s gets linked to growing Empire

Empire’s taking a 51 per cent stake in Longo’s is explained as a way to provide synergies with a business that started as one Toronto fruit market in 1956. (The family chain took over Grocery Gateway in 2004.) Michael Medline, the CEO of its new majority owner, recently called out rival supermarkets for rolling back pandemic hero pay bonuses.

When the Oost gets too loose

Ontario’s youngest MPP plans to speak at an online event for anti-abortion university students, in collaboration with a group that compared abortion to the Holocaust. Doug Ford said they’d be having a talk about this one. Last fall, Sam Oosterhoff’s career survived a backlash that followed the photo he shared from an unmasked gathering.

At no time did we communicate to our tenants that financial restitution would be denied.” Brad Lamb surfaced after a Toronto media storm about evictions due to carbon monoxide in illegal units, explaining he issued rebates to those displaced. Coming soon is a community consultation over replacing the building with a condo.

Falling down on this one job

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre grilling the Kielburgers on the ways of We Charity made the party appear qualified to knock out Justin Trudeau, something which Erin O’Toole looks like he’s still struggling to find an angle on. But the morning after found the CPC making a classic social media mistake with a meme deleted for being illogical:

Elliot Page comes out with a cover. Time is the forum for the Canadian actor to talk more thoroughly about his December disclosure that he’s transgender. At the time, Page was in Toronto recovering from top surgery ahead of shooting a new season of The Umbrella Academy in southern Ontario. His character will remain a cisgender woman.

Finally, forever saying goodbye

Triumph still has an official documentary in the pipeline, for which the Toronto rock trio reunited in November 2019, surprising a gathering of fans with three final songs. But the release of Lay It on the Line will now be preceded by serving as ambassadors for Record Store Day in Canada and a reissue of their 1981 album in an ostentatious format: