A summer of love that dare not speak moistly

The heat is on Trinity Bellwoods Park

Shots of Toronto’s mayor wearing a face mask around his neck while talking to members of the youthful crowd in Trinity Bellwoods Park led to John Tory apologizing for his personal behaviour. Patrols were stepped up to promote distancing on the lawn, after a Saturday where tickets were only given out for public bodily functions.

Irish springer has no regret

Jack Ring said that he wasn’t a stranger to Gillian McKeown, who he spent “the whole day” with at Trinity Bellwoods Park before surprising her with a kiss for a CTV News Toronto camera. (She also said it wasn’t sexual assault.) Nonetheless, an apology was aired for what was portrayed. A parody of the event has a more satisfying outcome.

If you feel you need a test, you’ll be able to get a test. Doug Ford pleaded for asymptomatic people to get tested for COVID-19—as the target shrunk within a week where the case count went up. Meanwhile, the premier saying that Ontario businesses can refuse service to anyone without a mask doesn’t align with the law.

Battle against the blue checks

The support among fellow journalists for how Jia Tolentino described her family members being unjustly accused of smuggling Filipino teachers into the U.S. resulted in debates that could perhaps only be detangled in a corner of LiveJournal. And here’s another dissection of the issue, as a counterpoint to how Tolentino contextualized the story:

Michael Enright is trading one CBC Radio show for another. The Sunday Edition will soon get a new anchor, as its host will shift to a one-hour weekly show that evidently won’t require being on alert for breaking weekend news. The weekly show he helmed for 20 years spawned from Enright’s six days a week stint as co-host of This Morning.

Finally, thrash with boss brass

Voivod put in 35 years before scoring a Juno Award, which was followed by a Montreal International Jazz Festival show with a brass quintet. The horns were then added to “The End of Dormancy,” an eight-minute opus by the metal veterans from Jonquière, Quebec. A video is now up, despite earlier worries that it may seem insensitive to these times: