A shot in the arm for faster vaccinations

Now let’s get on with this medicine

Despite chief science advisor Mona Nemer calling it a “population level experiment,” the four-month interval between coronavirus vaccine doses is on its way to being adopted by all provinces. Justin Trudeau isn’t ready to match Joe Biden’s promise of having enough supply for every adult by the end of May, but maybe the pandemic will end in September.

Gentrification ever eastward

Now that talk of a bubble has returned to Canadian real estate, particularly in Toronto, it’s a great time to contemplate how a $729,000 asking price can apply to a ramshackle garage off the Danforth. It’s also not far from the East York parking lot considered a community hub by those opposed to filling it with supportive housing.

I am acutely aware that all of this attention and media coverage is exactly what this man sought from the start.” The judge who declared the Toronto van attack killer guilty of 10 counts of first-degree murder and 16 counts of attempted murder called him “John Doe” during the verdict.

The attic of 404 Not Found

I’m channeling Anne Frank’s spirit in lockdown,” a Globe and Mail “First Person” column debuted online to harsh reaction that led its title to be changed to “Lessons in living from Anne Frank.” Vancouver writer Debra Dolan compared her COVID fatigue to memories of reading The Diary of a Young Girl, but it’s now been officially unpublished:

A documentary about Marineland looking for love. But reviews have been mixed for The Walrus and the Whistleblower, whose U.S. streamer debut is on Discovery Plus. The film features Phil Demers, a former marine mammal trainer at the Niagara Falls, Ontario, theme park, who recently made his fifth appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Finally, a third-wave soundtrack

Godspeed You! Black Emperor made experimental music in Montreal for a decade before a break, from which they returned as a force that could both curate a concert with “Weird Al” Yankovic and donate Polaris Music Prize winnings to prison music programs. So, how can an album not be accompanied by an end-times statement: