A new trick to screw with the federal election

“Hide Reply” makes misinfo magic

Twitter’s test of a new feature that allows Canadian users to hide replies to posts contributed to the spread of misinformation about a video filmed in Toronto by Andrew Scheer. Claims that actress Adina Katz was posing as a cancer survivor—in tandem with her twin brother—spread after a tweet from “Alberta Resistance” accused Conservatives of duplicity. Alberta Resistance then muted attempted corrections from other Twitter users before issuing a passive-aggressive apology.

Pride politics boosted by PM

Justin Trudeau’s belief in taking “a strong stance against intolerance” led him to support the exclusion of two institutions from the Pride parade in Vancouver, while blasting Andrew Scheer for not joining in the festivities.

Jessica Yaniv above the newspaper fold. A feature from the National Post outlined how Yaniv is accused of harassment and predatory behaviour, which she denies, amidst an ongoing B.C. Human Rights Tribunal hearing over her being denied waxing services for her male genitalia. (Yaniv also debated conservative transgender woman Blaire White.)

Police chief: “This is not Toronto”

Mark Saunders pledged to take action after 17 people were shot in the city over the long weekend, including one outside of a gated property on the Bridle Path:

Metallica is happy to have scared off a stalking cougar. James Hetfield called Denise Gallant of Vancouver Island after reading about how his band’s 1991 song “Don’t Tread on Me” helped to prevent a wild cat attack when she blasted it on her phone.

Finally, the roar of the boars

“30-50 feral hogs” became a meme after William McNabb from El Dorado, Arkansas raised the issue of invasive swine as a reason to oppose a ban on assault weapons. It’s a topic that Canada was ahead of the curve on: