A new newsletter under unusual circumstances

Dispatches for the self-isolated life

The border between Canada and the U.S. has been shut down to non-essential traffic, which Donald Trump announced before Justin Trudeau outlined the $82 billion emergency response package, which is detailed on the government website.

The persistence of shitposts

Campaigns to be the next Conservative leader are still playing out in memes, at risk of seeming more surreal to criticize the Liberals about their policies. Chris Selley argues that this race should be put out of its misery before COVID-19 does it instead.

I take full responsibility for my actions—I lost my cool and that’s not okay.” Jamar Lee became the first house guest to ever be removed from Big Brother Canada, after he told a fellow contestant their behaviour would get them “popped” in the outside world. At least these contestants now know they’re no more isolated than many viewers.

The new sign language star

Government press conferences from B.C. over COVID-19 include ASL interpretations from Nigel Howard, whose approach to hand-talking has a stunning theatricality. The viral enthusiasm for his signing shows that dire messages can have a bright side:

Finally, in the 6ix, with woes

Drake just broke the record for the most appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 in its history: his 208 charting songs passed the cast of Glee. But there’s more mystery around whether hanging out with Kevin Durant, one of four Brooklyn Nets players to test positive for COVID-19, was the reason why Drake is now quarantined in Toronto: