A nakedly Canadian fur protest from Morrissey

Mozzer dreams of donning a Goose

As he prepares to tour across Canada after nearly two decades of boycotting us as a statement against the seal hunt, Steven Patrick Morrissey has teamed with PETA to circulate a petition with the goal of getting Canada Goose to make a coat he’d wear.

The Queen might as well be dead now

Monarchists were affronted by their cause being put in the corner—the crowning complaint over this unusual obsession.

You can drink more than chocolate milk in the morning. Doug Ford definitely won’t, but the premier’s populist budget includes a move to let bars serve alcohol at 9 a.m. The budget would also expand online gambling and allow municipalities to legalize drinking in parks. Naturally, these things are being criticized as distractions from service cuts.

Street preacher set to get new neighbour

The Competition Bureau announced its investigation into Bell Canada’s telecom marketing practices on the same day that Bell’s main rival announced this new lease:

Terry Hargreaves dead at 82. The first parliamentary bureau chief for CBC Radio later wrote about Canadian politics for Maclean’s. After retirement, he lived in Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan as the spouse of diplomat Anna Biolik. Hargreaves also made a CBC Television documentary about the 1966 opening of the Bloor-Danforth subway.

Finally, paws upholding the laws

Jeb Lund, a writer on American politics, has just eclipsed 12:36 on Substack’s most popular free newsletter list, thanks to his thorough analysis of this Toronto-produced cartoon: