A cottage industry of political contradiction

Riding this week out with whatever

After pleading with Ontario to stay home on the Easter weekend, Doug Ford drove by himself to Muskoka to check on the plumbing at his family cottage under renovation. The premier’s office confirmed he spent less than an hour there, didn’t stop anywhere and didn’t interact with anyone.

A mansion mystery is solved

Harrington Lake gained recent attention when Justin Trudeau reunited with his family at the retreat on Easter weekend, after advising others to stay home. Questions followed about a previously undisclosed $8.6-million renovation. Now, confirmation of how much of that is for a guest cottage leaves non-Liberal critics feeling vindicated.

It’s just X, the letter X, and then the Æ is pronounced ‘Ash’ and then A-12 is my contribution. Elon Musk told Joe Rogan how to pronounce the baby’s name, but it contradicts with information offered by his partner, Grimes. But there’s a technical difficulty: California birth certificates will only accommodate 26 letters of the alphabet.

Life after blocking Sidewalk

Alphabet was apparently looking to cancel its Toronto smart-city project even before “unprecedented economic uncertainty” could resonate as a reason, having seen its earlier ambition of dominating the eastern waterfront knocked back to 12 acres. Columns about what might’ve been are all this patch of land can count on for now:

Peter Nygard’s alleged tactics described in detail. One of the 46 women currently suing the fashion mogul for sexual assault has come forward with claims about a 1998 visit to his Bahamas estate. Nygard’s lawyer questions the anonymity of the accusers while denying the allegations, and claims the suit stems from a dispute with a neighbour.

Finally, one player at a time

Toronto Raptors players hoping to defend their championship this year are getting a glimmer of opportunity. But while the NBA is allowing up to four players to practice together, their access to the OVO Athletic Centre is being limited to one on a court, accompanied by a coach, to facilitate shoots: