A cop told some kids to delete their accounts

That’s what one mom claims, anyhow

This popular interior designer’s curiosity got some attention—and, when her account of what some fourth graders were told was questioned, she defended her son. Meredith Heron later tweeted that “Officer Manny” phoned her to unpleasantly confirm his comments. (Toronto Police have yet to respond to 12:36’s inquiries about Heron’s tweets.)

“Parking Pal” turns text detective

After getting ticketed for an illegal crossing he disputes, former parking enforcement officer Kyle Ashley drew attention to offensive tweets from someone he says is a former colleague. It’s unclear whether the account actually belongs to anyone associated with the Toronto Police Service. The tweets have been deleted, and police are now investigating.

Doug Ford is about to drown the three men in a hot tub. Ontario’s 13-year-old trillium logo will be flushed by an $89,000 redesign. Meanwhile, 3,475 teaching positions may vanish as the average high school class size increases from 22 to 28.

SNC-Lavalin makes a different deal

Namely, selling 10% of its stake in Highway 407 to the OMERS pension fund for $3.25 billion. The beleaguered engineering firm will retain a 6.76% hand in the toll road.

I suspect I have been targeted and this is related to my work as a city councillor.” John Filion says multiple bullets were fired into his car and the North York house he shares with CBC Radio host Anna Maria Tremonti. But he’s refraining from further comment on the incident, because he doesn’t want to compromise a police investigation.

A talk radio growler is reborn

Charles Adler has come and gone several times from Toronto airwaves—and he was once shitcanned during his own show on Sun News Network. But the Alberta election got his bluster back on the map. Global News Radio was where Adler did a confrontational live interview with Jason Kenney, who’ll become Alberta’s next premier according to polls.

Ortho-Bot 5000 is here to stick up for having a human hand inside your mouth. A campaign by the Canadian Association of Orthodontists features a friendly robotic mascot designed to fight the online tooth-straightening startups.

Finally, summoning words of Sum 41

“Fat Lip” is the 2001 song that at least 369 people on Facebook have indicated a desire to perform rap verses from on Saturday, in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven at 869 Queen West.