A case against fines for failing to distance

Spring remains a little late this year

After being slapped with an $880 ticket for doing chin-ups in a Toronto park, Dylan Finlay wrote about his opposition to social distancing bylaws, from his perspective as a criminal defence lawyer. Meanwhile in Ottawa, an official caution against having beers in the driveway with neighbours was clarified: it’s OK from two metres away.

A salute to these shoes

The footwear sported by B.C. health officer Bonnie Henry at her daily briefings were noticed enough to generate a viral Facebook post by forestry editor Sandy McKellar. Vancouver designer John Fleuvog caught on, and designed two-tone pink Mary Janes in her honour: “The Dr. Henry” will retail for $339, with proceeds going to food banks.

Canada won’t likely throw away two million N95 masks and 440,000 medical gloves again. Federal health minister Patty Hadju will review how this emergency stockpile became landfill before its Regina warehouse shut down. More recently expired items went to China, where Canada now has a personal protective equipment supply chain.

People are still bored at work

The bot tracking Wikipedia edits from government IP addresses was never the same after a 2016 clampdown that followed an Environment Canada computer caught correcting a photo to illustrate “doggy style.” But someone took the time to counter that a citation was needed for the times Robin Williams said the word “Shazbot” on TV:

Roy Halladay was on drugs and doing stunts when his plane crashed. The National Transportation Safety Board detailed what the former Blue Jays pitcher had in his system, while performing extreme acrobatics, before he died in the Gulf of Mexico. Halladay’s time in Philadelphia had been scheduled to be honoured on May 29.

Finally, no waiting for Scorsese

An Afternoon with SCTV remains stranded in post-production, as it seemed director Martin Scorsese was too distracted by other projects to finish the documentary built around a May 2018 cast reunion in Toronto. A nostalgic chat with four SCTV veterans will have to suffice for now, as part of the Zoom-based culture in which we currently exist:

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