Toronto real estate’s chilling ’70s solution

And the 2020s ask to bring it back

A speculation tax on homes was introduced in Ontario in 1974. Realtors said it crashed the market overnight, and it was repealed four years later. But now Toronto city councillor Mike Colle thinks it can help with cooling. The province appointed a new task force on housing affordability. But municipal restrictions are also limiting supply.

What’s the story, Mr. Tory?

There’s no indication that John Tory will stick to his original promise to serve just two terms as mayor—but Steve Paikin ponders the possibility of Tory not registering for re-election. There are plenty of issues in the air before then, like whether robots should be curbed from sidewalks and bike paths.

Drake withdrew his Grammy nominations on the day voters got their ballots. Certified Lover Boy and its single “Way 2 Sexy” were only nominated in rap categories—whereas prior Drake studio albums were shortlisted in general ones. Nonetheless, it’s considered a blow to the Recording Academy in the wake of Weeknd withdrawal.

Justin Bieber ended up playing that show in Saudi Arabia. Prince Mohammed bin Salman basked in glory at the Grand Prix events in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, where his Timbits salesman pal headlined the concert, despite high-profile pleas to cancel. Hailey Bieber joined her hubby on the trip with a “go baby” exclamation on Instagram.

Finally, the next Trump Toronto

Rumble appears to be rumbling its way into U.S. stock market curiosity amid speculation of making a deal for content by a celebrity user banned from most other places. Donald Trump’s dealings with the Toronto company have been the stuff of speculation, and the company CEO confirmed partnership talk:

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